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A while back I started making videos for YouTube in hopes of people watching them… people have started watching them but not as much as had hoped for. I Spent a good amount of my teenage years playing around in editing software of all sorts, Photoshop, Sony Vegas, After Effects, FL Studio… etc.  I’ll be getting familiar with most of those again, and some new ones. If you keep up with all this as I hope you do, You will eventually see top quality content come from this YouTube channel and of course more stuff here as well.


Getting more on topic of what I’d like to share, This new “Visual Arts Section” I added to the gallery of this site. its pretty cool check it out! although I am just starting I think my images are pretty decent. eventually I wanna make prints out of some one day. until then I will keep posting them here for you to check out when you remember or when your reading another one of my blog posts.

making my own images also helps or inspires my video editing as well. which right now is pretty amateur, when I was younger i had played with after effects more than Sony Vegas, so when I get to that program I hope to show you some dope stuff but until then my clip to clip editing is what you’ll get until… I get better. I cant explain how hard I am working at being consistent with these new things and trying to get all of it on this blog for you awesome people. Making music was so cool when I was younger and as I got older i lost interest, unsure exactly why. one of my good friends has recently gotten me into Ableton Live making music. He made it sound like it wasn’t hard, so the majority of the newest videos on the YouTube are gonna be songs. some made by me and some made by him, as well as another friend of mine who is designing our new website.


Gaming videos will be up too, I’ve been working on a Halo 5 BR55 Playlist Mini montage(its done now click here to see it). for those who have no idea what that is… its a playlist on Halo 5(an online multiplayer First person shooter video game). as some of you may be “in the know” for those who aren’t, I sell a “BR55” Battle Rifle Pin in the Rare Additions Section of the shop on this site. Although it would be awesome if you bought one, that’s not what this post is about, I thought it was really cool that 343 industries(Game Developer) had that playlist this week when I was playing. I’ll have that video up soon!! so check out my YouTube which will be changing names to RES eventually.

The plan is to be putting previews on Instagram so if you use that and wanna keep up to date with what I’m doing. There will be a link at the bottom of the post as well as on any of the YouTube videos. Speaking of which is going to have an array of different content ranging from music, coral, pin reviews, or anything I come up with and I’m crafty, so watch out.

Thanks for
being interested


i failed but i did try to keep all the links at the bottom of this page but you know practice makes perfect. which reminds me to share the newest track i made and uploaded to the tube

Lofi Black Guy




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