Blog n Vlog

This one is gonna be short

Image3.jpg     Some know I started a YouTube channel and it now has me on it, like my actual face and me talking in the form of a vlog… At first I was hesitant about making a video where i talked to a lens… After deleting countless videos I finally came up with one that is relevant to my YouTube, as well as helping me get in front of the camera and talk about something i’m  familiar with.

What I mean by “helping me get in front of the camera”  is getting me used to talking to a lens because its pretty weird at first… Sometimes you forget what your going to say. more times than others you find yourself looking at the display screen when recording yourself. something about a little red dot with “rec” made me forget a lot and stutter. stage fright or something similar…Image2.jpg  i hope you check out my videos even if you arent into the games or the music posted, your really helping me out by watching it and giving me feedback positive or negative.

Anyways back to the point, if there is one… I find it easier to talk and vlog about things rather than type them up. I’ll will continue to do both so keep checking back!

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