Computer Problems!

Windows 10

     Who hasn’t had a computer issue before? last week I started having computer trouble, Windows 10 was loaded on my computer and it ran perfect for about 2 months. At first when Windows 10 came out in 2015 I had no interest in switching because well windows 7 worked great and I have never had an issue. Then I got this new computer and the dude who gave it to me had already put a fresh new install of windows 10.

Windows_10_(version_1703).png I went with it then I started encountering this issue where windows would tell me I was connected to my network but I had no internet connection. which was very weird because my phone and the other computers besides the one with windows 10 were connected fine… I followed alot of different “fixes” on YouTube and talking with some PC guru friends, updating drivers still had no luck and apparently this a pretty big problem with windows 10. Some of the tutorial videos claiming to fix the issue had nearly 300,000 views so you know there are a lot people with this issue and most of the comments state the fixes don’t work.

1-12     Giving up trying the videos different settings, Finally I got the internet to work somehow by fiddling with some settings, it was super throttled compared to my other computers speed tests, the important thing was that I could continue with what I was doing, which was uploading this “Halo 3 Playlist” video to my YouTube channel. it finally finished and then my internet connection said the same thing again… Connected, secure, no internet connection with a gorgeous yellow little triangle. This was the last straw for me, i was pretty much boiling red pissed.
After some thought i decided to format my computer and load windows 7. This idea right here is what saved me from kicking my computer out the window. While Installing all my programs and setting up everything I noticed that the video I had uploaded Previously to YouTube wasn’t rendered correctly and i had cut 4 mins off the original edit of the video. I had already scheduled it and on top of that i didn’t think to grab the project file before I formatted my computer… On top of that my settings for Sony Vegas(Editing software) and Open Broadcast Software and slic3r(3d Slicing tool) were all deleted!!! I know rookie mistake!
Even though I lost some important Virtual settings and 4 mins of a video I gained a stable internet connection with windows 7. I still to this day don’t know why that happens but its not my problem anymore.
Speed Test
As some of you know i already have a pretty slow internet connection, while i was trying to figure the problem with my computer connecting, i discovered a way to boost the speed of my internet connection. this was awesome but the fact that i couldn’t connect made me laugh… my issue was no longer the long term lack of a decent internet connection. it was now being able to connect to that said internet connection.
Now that its fixed i can get back to not dealing with that nonsense and back into editing my videos and making my jewelry! On top of all that i got a faster internet connection!

Thanks for being interested!

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