New Pieces!!

Recently I’ve been getting busy with all sorts of things, building a barn, making jewelry, trying to get videos up on YouTube… etc. These past couple days I finished some jewelry pieces and got some pictures! Been trying to get better with my camera, reading the manual definitely kicks ass. Pretty pumped to start making videos about this camera, their are some videos on the net but not too many in depth videos for certain things.

My pictures came out great they are exactly what i was going for… sort of angelic white, mostly so you can see the pieces… all of my pieces are usually based on a futuristic gadget style. the plan is to take more pictures of these before they sell, but i also have a bunch more pendants in the works so who knows if i will ever get to that part. I used my NX30 Samsung Camera which I bought earlier this year. It didn’t come with any lenses. working with what i already had from the last NX camera I bought a way long time ago. My lens arsenal consists of a wide angle lens, Macro and 2 others i never use… the macro lens is actually the only reason I opted to get another Samsung NX Camera… I wanted to be able to use my lens with the new camera. Its no big deal to just snap a photo and post it. A regular one click shot photo wouldn’t do it for me… 7
I had to get right up in the pendants business. one thing i really liked about the way these photos came out I didn’t do much of anything but crop after I got the images stacked and blended properly. They pretty much came out exactly how I saw the pieces under the light. To me this is a huge success if your trying to display what exactly it is your selling.
Also ordered some new tools, i got a couple of drills, and a GRS MicroBlock Ball Vice. Also ordered some Silver sheet and tubes…

Thanks for being interested!


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