Media Server & Streaming Center

Saturday October 21st
Writing this today because i am getting prepared to roll over to a good friends house to set up a Plex Media Server and a Twitch/Youtube Streaming Center. I wanted to get this setup for a while at my other friends house but that proved to not be a reliable spot. this on the other hand will be accessible every Monday. As i have mentioned before in previous posts and I’m sure you can tell in my game play videos on YouTube I have a pretty slow internet connection. At my friends house ill be able to play with a much faster internet connection as well as stream my gameplay on twitch, using an older computer. Today I’m also transferring all my files for my plex server.
SAM_4908.JPGPlex is like a platform for  YOUR media library(music,movies,tv shows, cartoons…etc.) its similar to the popular media streaming service except you use your computers library.
Got a late start today Monday October 23rd having to stop for gas and drop orders off at the post office. After a bunch of waiting at red lights, I finally got to where I was going. got to the room cleaned up really quick and with ease it actually looked alot worse than it was. vlcsnap-2017-11-03-23h48m53s629.jpgwhen i put all my stuff up it was looking good and i was getting ready to start testing my older computer even though i tested it earlier before i left it was having huge issues. finally fixed it after much annoying nonsense… at this point it was late and pouring rain. so i drove home. The Important thing is that the computer is running. vlcsnap-2017-11-03-23h53m12s404.jpg
Got back to Leslies on Monday October 30th, Got the Plex server up and running. As well installed OBS and all the streaming equipment for that. Didn’t get much done this Monday, had to go home and get a drill to run the cable under the house… which is probably scary and has monsters living under there.

Today November 2nd, I woke up, drove to manassas at the crack of dawn to run this cable. John was already there when i got there. we had to roll over to the home depot to get a wire crimp for the cable. A couple of days before hand I was stressing going under the crawl space under the house… SAM_7042.jpgI went to the extent of getting a tyvek cover all suit. My buddy John saved me a bunch of hassle by knowing alot about the cat5 cable and having a bunch sitting in the attic. Later got back to Leslie’s saw the awesome Leslie Houseman who was recovering from dental surgery. after catching up we got straight to business grabbing the cables and finding one that was already cut to the length we needed. we found one the perfect size after picking through like 4 little rolls. john drilled the hole under the stairs and fed a wire through. my palms got sweaty as i put on the suit and safety glasses thinking of nothing but massive spider webs and monsters living down there. the suit was a bit bigger than i thought but it did what i needed it to which was keep a barrier between my clothes and especially me.
vlcsnap-2017-11-04-00h08m50s720     Opened the hatch and it wasn’t bad at all. not anything to be scared of except darkness. Jumped in and crouched around and got the cable run through the hole john had drilled. You could say it was a bit over kill with the tyvek suit. It was super hot in that thing though. got inside and john was already fast at striping the wire and getting some crimping in. this is where john saved me i’m sure it isn’t hard to crimp some cables, but john was fast at it and most importantly i didn’t have to worry if the cables were gonna work. although i did give him some crap when we had some DNS issues on the xbox and the PC. vlcsnap-2017-11-04-00h30m05s422we reset all our electronics(Modem, Routers, Pc…etc) and rebooting everything worked like a charm even got wifi in the room thanks to the old router I had just lying around. With the Xbox One and the PC hard wired I was pulling a pretty decent connection. which is pretty GREAT compared to mine at home.
According to, you can see the ping is significantly lower, as well as the download and upload speed are ridiculously higher. What this means is that we will be able to stream live on twitch! also means ill be uploading my YouTube videos here instead of my house. With that said this was a fun blog to write and i hope you enjoyed reading it. I gotta work on the next one!

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