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If you Don’t know already, I’m always on the prowl for good deals. whether it be software, hardware, or services.. I like to stretch my money as far as I possibly can… yes my nose did indeed just grow a bit. Anyways I have been trying to get more into photography recently, got a wide angle lens in my inventory already but was looking into a new fish eye lens with a much wider view… Tons of video reviews and a lot of different lenses later. Finally focused in on the Samyang 14mm or the 8mm fish eye.

Samyang 14mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens Untitled-2.jpg

For 449$ USD NX mount on Amazon. I noticed that this was a more expensive option than the other mounts. Not exactly sure why… but thats the way it is i suppose.

As you may know Facebook has a pretty awesome market place you can search for anything. Never did i think to look up a camera lens. but guess what! I found a 8mm Samyang Fish Eye for a Canon EF mount on the Facebook market place for 99$ USD. Drove my Happy self  to Centerville to pick up this lens! while i was on the way i stopped and picked up my friend. We were supposed to take pictures but the day had other plans for us.
Where we were meeting the camera lens guy was also a Good Will Store! I have been Meaning to go and get a winter jacket so i thought hey what a perfect chance to shop. although the store didn’t have much for jackets i did find this gem…


Its not the prettiest aquarium I’ve ever seen. 75 Gallon Drilled tank with half inch thick glass. It did have the ratty stand that this character insisted that the tank and the stand were to be sold as one item. although the stand was holding the tank up then, I didn’t trust it with 600 lbs of water… so i ended up leaving with the just the tank scratches and all. Now i know i didn’t set out to buy a fish tank, and I have been wanting to start a new tank for a while now. For 20$ i figured it was worth it. Stay tuned for more blogs about that.
SAM_7513.jpg     We walked around a bit more, and found a tripod! Usually i am skeptical about buying a cheap tripod. bought one from Wal-mart for 30$ a while back and its ultra trash… This tripod i found is so many times better than the tripod I had. to be honest i never bought a nice one because i never really looked into into it.  The Velbon Videomate 300 tripod on amazon is on sale for around 20$ usd but i happened to snag it for 8 at the goodwill shop.
Next is on to meet with the guy selling the Fish Eye lens! He had the original Box it was great. aside from having some issues with meeting this guy, the lens is pretty cool. originally i had set out to find the 14mm NX mount and ended up with a 8mm Canon EF Mount. This wasn’t a big issue.  It was basically brand new and worked great! although having a Samsung NX30 wont directly allow me to use the lens until i get an adapter, i did take a picture of the sunset with the wide angle lens i already had. The location isn’t ideal but next year maybe the construction will be finished and ill post a new picture with the new lens!

Wanted a wider Fisheye Lens
found one on FB marketplace
Found a 75 gallon Aquarium & tripod
met up with dude got the lens

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