Aquarium “Update” Custom Stand

okie dokie… lets jump right into it…

Recently, I got a 75 gallon drilled aquarium for 20 bucks at a goodwill store. Extremely enthralled about this. Mainly because its wider than the tank i already have. The plan is to build a stand, paint, plumb it, leak check it, and bring you along!

I need a stand that can support the tanks weight along with the 75 gallons of water flowing through it. after getting some ideas from google images I came up with this. still thinking about adding some middle supports.

Took a bit to get the cuts just right, some are a bit off but sanding it should take care of that. Cool thing is I had a table i built a while back, so I recycled the wood and screws from. I decided against the middle supports mainly because I don’t have any screws would go through the top or bottom 2×4, I am gonna add some bracing some how. Not seeing many stands utilize center braces unless its an extremely long tank. Got it sanded and cleaned up nice. then i got to adding the first layer of paint… SAM_0365.jpg
The paint was still drying when I took this photo. Was running out of daylight so I figured a wet paint photo is better than no photo! i’ll be adding touching up some spots I missed later.
Bulkheads are the next thing on my list. these are little plastic parts that make it so you can close a hole off and add plumbing.  When I first got the tank it had bulkheads but they had a pvc pipe glued into them. which meant I had to cut off the pipes aka gotta get new bulkheads. which is no biggie due to the fact id prefer new ones.

that’s it for the tank update, I like sharing what i’m up to!

Thanks For Being Interested~

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