Music on the YouTube!

I’ve been trying to figure out which way to go with my YouTube channel. I want to do gaming videos, vlogs, aquarium stuffs… etc. Even though i have been slacking on that part. i have been really getting into photography and recording and editing. The videos will be coming.  I think I got what i want to do on YouTube dialed in.

What i want to do is put a bit of emphasis on the musicians i know. So every other Monday from here on out will be dedicated to their music. Two of the musicians uploaded are from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Which is where yours truly is from!

     Azoe and Nash, Nash, Nash are the only ones from Albuquerque uploaded so far. Although there is another artist from new mexico, I cant wait to promote! He is the brother of Azoe, and goes by the name “Steris”, his music is in the edm

One more artist that is new to the “music producing” scene is “Empyrill” or “Empyreal” not really sure on the spelling… nor do i think its set in stone, But that’s what hes going by. Hes got some songs out and is getting really nasty with his sound design. This is his first year with all the programs and computing power to do what it is he has in his head…

I’m really looking forward to hearing more from all these artists and i hope you check them out after reading this! If your a musician that would like to add to the grip of artists on the channel i would be more than happy to put your musics up! send me an email!

     This blog is a short one! here the links to some of the artists music!

Empyreal/Empyrill – Hauz

Azoe – Lowkey

Nash Nash Nash – Born Free, Born to Run, or Maybe Born to Lose EP

Thanks for being interested

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