Tank Update & New Site Section!

I have today for you readers a list of updates, virtual and physical.
First things first I’d like to get out is about a new section labeled “Rising Stars of Literature” its located within the “Art Gallery” Tab!
This Section is for anyone striving in literary arts. At the moment it’s only one person for now, his name is Chris! He’s recently been sending off hordes of works for publishing,  and he’s been willing to post most of them here as well. If you’re into this kinda thing it’ll be right up your alley, especially once we unveil what were trying to do with some of his other works.  Keep your eyes peeled to this section for new additions and new talent soon to come.
The fish eye lens I bought off of some dude using the Facebook marketplace is awesome! I’m still getting the hang of it, but I’ve gotten some decent pictures with it. Christopher was with me when I first got to really take my time and get to learn what it was all about. The lens adapter I bought for my NX30(myCamera) for Canon to Samsung works, although it does disconnect sometimes and gives errors. If you get into the developer mode you can easily turn that error off… as well as taking the 25 minute video limit off. Making it great for longer video recording.
Was a bright day in Manassas, Battlefield after snapping some pictures I dropped by Tonys pizza for a couple slices of pizza.

Now for the 75 Gallon Aquarium


Painted the back of the tank black for Aesthetics.  I used a black enamel paint from the hardware store. I did this for when its full of coral they will be vibrant almost like a laser tag arena. also chose an enamel paint because the other water based paint i used flaked off my quarantine tank… so this enamel paint should stick a bit better!
Got this sleek black stand drilled to the wall. the lighting is still to be determined as i have the lights i’m going to use already. i just need some way of mounting the things. I’m thinking ‘L’ brackets made from 2x4s sanded and painted black. plan to hang 2 Kessil brand pendant style LED lights from the brackets.
As for the Tank itself has been holding water and running with a 5 gal bucket sump for now.. soon to be a 20 gallon long tank i got for 40$ at my local petco… funny how the smaller tank cost more than the big tank.

Which brings me to the costs so far on this tank.

  • 75 Gallon Reef Ready – $20 – Goodwill
  • 20 Gal Tank/Sump – $40 – Petco
  • PVC Piping/Plumbing – $50 – Lowes

Around $110 Total

The cost of the tank so far has been pretty low. considering i had some stuff like the wood for the stand, extra pumps and fittings. Biggest single item cost is the 20 gal aquarium. we are doing so well, I am so pleased with the result. Got the tank on the stand. cleaned and rinsed the crusty used tank feel from it… plumbed the pump and one return… then filled this mini ocean holder with water. Nothing is set one hundred percent in place i still have to glue the pvc together and put the sump in permanently among alot of other things… i cant get ahead of myself!!!

Thanks for being interested~

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