Anxiety is…

Anxiety is, the draining of the bottle.  Greeting

the sun after nights without sleep.  Greeting

the moon after sleeping

all day.  Being stuck outside

on a brumal night without a coat.  The volley

of arrows at the phalanx.  Anxiety is,

The wolves that stalk you

at arm’s length making their move.  Running

into your ex-girlfriend in public.  Running

from your past. Hoping,

it can never catch up.

Getting a flat tire in an unfamiliar place.  The zip ties holding

your bumper to your car as you go down

the highway at seventy.  Anxiety is,

The realization of a problem within.

A delicate cycle.  A nefarious tone.

Climbing out of the darkness.  Having

the courage to begin tomorrow anew.


-Christopher Sutton 12/14/17©


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