Photography… taking pictures!

today i want to show your awesome self a few pictures i took. if you been reading my blogs you know photography is something i recently got into. other than jewelry i had no real reason to take photos… now i have a reason for my blog! i always thought learning the camera lingo and figuring out how to take pictures with the right settings was gonna be super complicated. although it is complicated, its alot easier to pick up. just like making pizzas, make enough of them you get good at it.
This is Mister Pickles! hes my dachshund friend.
Tourmaline Specimen, gonna frame with some silver…. one day
Christopher Sutton, this guy is a thinker. hes added a few things of his own on the site
rebar from the barn construction.
Shot i saw someone else do and wanted to try it.
Bar in the Bowling alley in manassas mall.
olive oil and a bay leaves SAMSUNG CSC
my front yard by the log!

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