Everything looks different from the sky.

Finally Got around to setting up my Drone!
I say this because I had a mavic pro before for about 2 days. had a great first flight. then updated the drone and one of the 2 gyro sensors stopped doing gyro sensor things. When it comes to crashing a drone, I understand how that would impact it’s ability to function properly. That drone did crash when it was in the middle of taking off, according to the internet and the funny guy I talked to it was due to the update. Got it returned without any issues. SAMSUNG CSC
Originally i bought a package deal on amazon for around $1,200, which came with a super nice case, extra batteries, landing gear(?), wireless antenna booster … etc. The only thing I wanted out of this array of useless crap was the case and an extra battery. After returning it I realized those add-ons are mostly just to get that extra 200$ outta ya. This other listing I found was for $999.99 and it came with an extra battery, a decent case, 4 port battery charger, 64GB micro SD, and some super bulky, ugly prop guards.

Now I understand that some people might like having landing gear but the idea of having stuff hanging off the aircraft that isn’t fastened by anything more than being wedged on makes me nervous. The prop guards I got look like they would drain your battery super fast. with only around a 27 minute flight time per battery your not gonna want to tack on something that would cut the fly time down. Two batteries seems like a lot of fly time, but you can only fly around 30 mins before the controller battery is running low, I think I have a fix for this but I’ll get to that in a bit.SAMSUNG CSC
First thing I did after getting my new drone was let it sit in the box to let it age. Mainly because I wanted to come up with a plan, before getting excited and trying to fly as soon as its open.  I charged everything to 100% even my phone then installed the app and ran through the software setup and downloaded the update, the update drained every battery.  I got all the batteries charging and then started on the pull foam case. Wasn’t a fan at first but now I’d have to say I like it, the mavic body sits snug in the little slot. With all the firmware and software up to date, checked on the gyro sensor and they are both doing gyro sensor things.  Time to let it age a bit more in the new case.SAMSUNG CSC
Pick ‘n’ pull is the name of the foam I think… unsure exactly, don’t quote me on that. As far as the trick to “keeping your batteries charged” I was talking about, you’ll need a power bank. Plug the power bank into the charging port and plug in the phone or iPad cable into the rear USB port and connect to your mobile device. This should charge your controller and your phone, which should let you utilize the the second battery.
Something else I noticed was when I was flying is that I got an alert stating my device’s CPU was being overused, then the phone shut off.  This was quite scary as I couldn’t see anything on my screen, luckily I hadn’t flown out too far and could still see the drone with my naked eye to navigate it back to me.  This is a huge issue I don’t know how to fix but I  know that I am not the only one with this issue, I do have some ideas though.  A clean install of the DJI App after an iOS update kind of fixes the problem, to an extent. After reinstalling, I still got the alert but the phone didn’t shut off.
My next idea is to downsize the amount of apps on my phone and do a factory reset. I using an iPhone 6 which now days seems like a fossil with the new iPhone 10 out.  I figure if I’m going to get serious about flying a drone, I gotta ditch the phone altogether and get the CrystalSky Display that takes the phone out of the equation completely.

     Watch my First Flight Highlights 🙂

Watch HERE!!! 😀

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