75 Gallon Aquarium Update~!

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For a while now, I’ve been threatening to do something with this 100 gallon tub growing all my coral frags.  Sometime last month or the month before, I found a 75 gallon aquarium at a Goodwill store.  The tank was used, already drilled, and had a weir overflow. This size of aquarium brand new, costs around $550 – $600.  That day at the Goodwill store it was $20 marked down from $40!  Although I didn’t know if it had copper in it, I figured for $20 it was worth a shot! SAM_1395.jpg
Lets get on with it!  This tank was a really fun project, I didn’t plan on starting a new tank due to the amount of money that usually goes into it, and I’m no Richie Rich.  I have been lucky enough that while  learning about salt water aquariums I have accumulated extra things, sometimes I even get them on sale or free.  The  marine pure balls I have in the sump, I’ve had alive for a little over a year.
This sump is pretty basic right now, I don’t plan on adding anything for a while.  I want to  develop the tank’s ecosystem, that means doing water tests and water changes.  No sand is going into this tank!  This will be a bare-bottom setup, in this system there are three clowns along with a fox face.  They aren’t too happy about the bare-bottom, and I mean NOT happy.  All four of them stick to where the silicon is applied, unsure why but it is only the third day they have been in the big, roomy aquarium.SAMSUNG CSC

To my surprise the glass was in decent shape, some scratches here and there but nothing too major.  My stand held it up really nice, which made it a breeze to clean and rinse.  After filling it and testing for leaks for about four days, I drained it and plumbed it for the sump, although adding eighty-five gallons of water to the tank from the tub was a pain four gallons at a time.  The ancient looking statue/building in the tank is from my main display tank.  Removing the statue definitely freed up lots of space in my display so I could transfer all my frags to a nice spot in the display, one day it will return to the main tank.  This is the weir I was talking about, it combs the surface of the water and drains to the sump.  Whoever applied the silicon did a good job making the seal, but didn’t seem to care what it looked like afterwards, it’s pretty ugly, but only if you’re looking for that sort of thing.  There are three powerheads total, one on each side pointed at each other.


Another in the back right corner as well.

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SAMSUNG CSC     I have a whopping total of 4 fish in this aquarium, and before you think, oh no!  That water isn’t cycled!  Let me assure you it is.  Salt water aquariums take time and the ability to be patient, I have learned a great deal in my experience thus far.  To think it all started with a tank someone gifted me three years ago.  Something I can’t wait to do is fill it with rock and watch it grow.  Better stop this blog here before I end up getting excited about buying rocks, can’t spend anymore money on aquarium stuff, this put me over budget for my aquarium costs this month, but not much!

Watch the Video!!

Fish/Coral Keeping on a Budget

  • 75 Gal Aquarium – $20
  • 20 Gal Aquarium – $40
  • Plumbing & Paint  – $50

$110 Total!!!


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