New Puppy!!!

Been slacking on the blog posts, that’s nothing new… What is new is my new dachshund.
Her name is Chips!  shes next to the best thing since mister pickles! she isn’t that old i’m not sure exactly how old she is, but she is extraordinarily cute it doesn’t matter!

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Chips is a long hair opposed to Mister Pickles who is a short hair dachshund. She eats a ton of food and is growing rapidly. Smart little dog is catching on fast with her teacher Pickles she mastered the stairs the same day I brought her home!


Even though he gets beat up by this beast, Pickles loves this little sack of bones. she is more vocal than pickles was and a bit more rough. which i find to be a blast!! she can jump up and fight any toy and any given moment. They are great together!!
some of the best moments ever are with them!!

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